3 Fun Facts

It's easy to get lost in the Deep Abyss of Google. Anyone can make a Website trying to convince you that they are the "best" at what they do. Well here are 3 Fun Facts that have convinced our Current Clients to use us for their Perfect Brow Procedure.

Summer Posey

#1 Your Artist

Summer Posey is Your Perfect Brow Artist. With over 20 years in the Beauty Industry both in Front of the Camera and Behind it, Summer was Hand Picked to Attend the Prestigious Ringling School of Art. Her Trusted hands have touched Faces from Super Celebrities to Super CEO's and at Big Time Events like the Super Bowl. 

With Summer Posey You get Real Experience from a Real Artist. Not Nightmare Eyebrows that look like they were done with a Thick Magic Marker or Stamp.

She will Educate you on the Procedure from Beginning to End with No Surprises and No Up Sells...Just Perfect Brows that Look Like the Real Thing!

TATTOOING ESTABLISHMENT (Tattooing Fixed Location) - S. Posey #48-44-1721794

OPERATING PERMIT (Biochemical Waste - Tattoo/Body Piercing) - S. Posey #48-64-1721786

Lash Lifts and Lash Extensions Licensing :

CE10008711, HB12567


#2 Our Location

We are located in a Licensed Medical Facility. Not a Pretentious Salon or Spa and Not in someone's Finished Basement.

This gives You access to the Highest Quality Numbing Creams, Organic Inks and Medical Grade Tools. All things that you will be Thrilled you had on your way to the Perfect Brows.

If you are looking to get Brows done during a Chocolate Seaweed Wrap while your Feet Are Soaking in a Tub with Nipping Gold Fish....sorry that is NOT what we do.

We Specialize in Brows done the Right Way.

Medical Center.jpg


#3 Orange County Laws

Qualifications can be very Different from State to State and even County to County. In Orange County (Florida) we have a Longer List of Specific Qualifications that must be Legally met. These are NOT Guidelines or Mere Suggestions. There are Specifics for the Artist, the Location and the Tools/Products being used. Every Establishment should have these but Sadly Many Do Not.

This is Why Many of Our Clients Drive that Extra Mile or Even take a Quick Flight to Get Wow Brows from Us.

Buyer Be Warned. You get What you Pay For and Nobody wants a Short Cut on Their Face.