Detailed FAQ

(Important Answers to Your Important Questions)


What's Microblading?

It's a Specialized Method of Applying Medical Grade Pigment onto the Skin Using a Manual Tool. This Technique uses a Gentle Feathering of Hair-Like Strokes to Create a Beautiful Natural Looking Brow that will Match Every Individual's Unique Bone Structure.

Does It Hurt?

Pain is Obviously Subjective but the Majority of Our Clients Experience No Pain. On a Scale of 1 to 10 (10 Being Max Pain), average Clients give a 2 Pain rating. 2 is Often Described as Feeling Firm Pressure or Sound. We do offer Our "BLT" Special Formula Numbing Cream. This is NOT usual and not the Standard Cream found at MOST Locations AS WE ARE A DOCTOR FACILITY. We have MEDICAL GRADE. A standard spa experience only has the "L" (4/5% over the counter lidocaine numbing) compared to our "BLT"...Trust me it makes ALL the difference.

How Long Is The Procedure?

Initial Procedure = 2 Hrs - 2 1/2 Hrs

4 - 6 Week Follow Up (Included in Initial Fee) = 60 to 90 Minutes


How Long Does It Last?

It is Important to Understand that Microblading, correctly executed, IS a Semi-Permanant procedure.

Any artist that preforms this process TOO DEEP, runs the risk of executing PERMANENT implants as well as DAMAGE to your skin. Any artist that performs this process TOO SHALLOW, will fade quickly and you are left wondering why you invested in that Groupon Deal. This is a process that should be taken very serious.

The Semi-Permiant procedure will Last 12 - 18 Months depending on your lifestyle, after the 2 Step Process is executed correct. 

The Time Range Varies upon your lifestyle... Avoid:

1. Smoking

2. Sun

3. Skin Care products that include exfoliants such as dermabrasion, glycolic acids and vitamins C directly applied to the face and treated areas. You are ALLOWED to use these products but they will promote fading.

What About Healing?

Healing will take 7 - 14 Days (Individual Results May Vary).

Please Note that when Leaving Your Initial Appointment, Your Brows will ALWAYS Appear Darker/Brighter by 50 - 70%. They will Stay this way for the First Week or Until the Minor Scabbing Flakes Off on its Own. Again, when Leaving your Initial Appointment Your Brows Will be Overly Striking and Accentuated. This is Completely Normal and Temporary. It is part of the Natural Healing Process.

You must AVOID Applying Make Up to the Brows until they have Healed (7 - 14 Days). You will wear a "Barrier" Cream on the Brows During the Healing Period such as Aquaphor, Vaseline, Coconut or Grapeseed Oil to Protect the Implanted Pigment.

At your 6 Week Follow Up Appointment, we will do the Final Touch Up on the Brows.

Are You Ready?

Although Everyone Deserves to Look and Feel Their Best, Some Situations will Prevent you from being an Ideal Microblading Candidate. These are also Included in the Consent Form you will be Signing at the Initial Appointment.

  • AVOID 24-48 Hours PRIOR to your procedure : Blood Thinners such as Alcohol, Aspirin, Fish Oil...ANYTHING that makes you bleed. It is not a deal breaker but will result in pigment rejection.
  • Acutane. You Must Stop taking it 6 Months Before the Procedure and Consult a Physician
  • Pregnant or Breast Feeding? Consult your Physician and Requires a Doctor's Note
  • Diabetic? Consult your Physician and Requires a Doctor's Note
  • Actively doing Chemotherapy? Once Chemotherapy is Completed...Add another 6 Months before Microblading. However, if you are on the Chemo - Pill you are Cleared for the Procedure at anytime.
  • Moles? Raised Moles will NOT be Microbladed Over.