What is it?


It's like Magic and it's Painless. We take Your Current Brows and Make them Perfect Brows that require Zero to Little Maintenance.  Yah! You Heard Me! Imagine Waking Up Every Morning with Your Brows Already Done and Ready to Walk Out the Door! It's a Time Saving Dream Come True! 

Often called 3D Brows or Microblading, this is NOT permanent make up with a tattoo machine. We perform a Specialized Method of applying Medical Grade Pigment onto the skin using a Manual Microblade Tool. This technique creates a Natural Feathering of Hair-Like Strokes that look like Real Perfect Eyebrows. 

Why Do It?

Do You Want Amazing Eyebrows that Wow the Room? 

Are you Ready for an Instant Confidence Boost?

What if You had More Time to do the Things You Love? 

Or Maybe you're just Unhappy with your Thin, Crooked or even Damaged Brows? 

If Anything Above has got your Attention, then this is for You. A Semi Permanent, Painless and Time Saving Solution for Your Perfect Brows. 

Who Needs it?

Anyone Who has Dreamed of Having Perfect Natural Looking Brows. 

Anyone Who has NO TIME to Waste in front of the Mirror drawing in their own Brows. 

Anyone that wants a Perfect Brow Solution by an Experienced Artist. An Artist that has 20 Years as a Professional Make Up Artist / Model and Stylist. We Will Make Your Brows Look Amazing!